agricultural fabrics

Agricultural fabricS for a wide range of agriculture and horticulture applications.

Ground covers

Ground cover fabrics (also known weed mat) offer exceptional weed control, eliminating the need for herbicidal or insecticidal sprays.

They are UV stabilised for long term exposure to the sun and are available in a selection of weights, colours, widths and lengths.

Our woven polypropylene ground cover offers unbeatable UV protection to keep weeds in the dark.

Stripes every 12 inches help organize the retail yard or act as a guide for positioning plants. Ideal for production fields, retail garden centers, landscape projects and greenhouse use.


Groundcovers help to maintain even soil temperatures.
Their woven structure allows water to pass through, as well as providing an aerated and healthy environment for plants to thrive.

  • Block sunlight to stop weeds grow
  • Let air and water through
  • Retain moisture & reduce erosion
  • Moderate soil temperature
  • Increase yields 10% to 20%

It is the most rational solution in order to prevent weed growth instead of chemical materials. It keeps constant the temperature of the soil. It lets water and air go down and reduces the amount of water loss from the soil due to evaporation.

The squares or strips aim to help positioning the plants and the pots in order. It keeps the soil compact and prevents the formation of mud. Thanks to its vigorous UV resistance, it is guaranteed up to 5 years under sunlight


Black Ground Cover

Ground cover fabric which is produced with %100 pure PP raw material has enough water and air permeability but avoids light transmission.

By this way it prevents weed growth as an alternative, environmental and permanent solution. 25×25 cm coloured squares helps in presenting a symmetrical production area for plants and pots.
Our standard widths are 105-210-315-420-525 cm. By UV additives the strength of the fabric had been increased against sunlight.

White Ground Cover

Used especially in cultivation without soil, the white ground cover fabric is particularly indicated for plants with an excessive need for sunlight and/or heat.

Utilized inside the greenhouses indeed, it helps to increase the temperature for 1-2°C.
The standard size of the product is 520 cm. and there are coloured strips in every 25 cm .




PVN Shade Nets are made out of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and treated with best color masterbatches & UV stabilizers.

In the highest proportion to ensure long life of the shade net. Our shade nets are made from 100 % virgin materials and have high GSM (gram per sq meter) shade percentage (%) are as follows.

Size Available For Shade Nets
Standard size : 3M (width) X 50M (length).
Any other size available on request.

Advantages Of Shade Net
Protects plants/crops from excessive sunlight.
Provides uniform shade for better yield.
Acts as a barrier against heavy rains, hail storms and other nature’s fury.
Protects against insects, birds.
Soil support.