Tubular body fabric. No side seams. Cross corner lifting loops for easier handling. Better dustproof performance.


Cross Corner

The Tubular Bag design is one of the most commonly used in flat packaging. This consists of a single piece of fabric made into a cylindrical shape and the two edges stitched together. The top and bottom panels can either be sealed or flat panels attached to both sides, thus forming a cylindrical bag.

Tubular Bags have many industrial uses. As the tubular shape is devoid of any seams these bags are ideal for carrying fine materials without putting in a liner for insulation.

Tubular Bags are most commonly used for storing and transporting very fine and sifted materials, such as wheat, flour or carbon.
They also have several advantages for various applications. With the cylindrical design there are no seams at the broad side of the bag. These bags are easier to make and are more cost-effective for purchase as well


Customize FIBCs for your needs:

The term “food grade” is a generic term but the main distinction between a standard bulk bag and a food grade bag is in the resin and the way in which the FIBCs are manufactured. More about Production Grade