most durable & cost efficient packing material for industries like sugar, fertilizer and food grains

Woven Sacks

Our water and moisture proof polypropylene sacks are ideal for packing food grains, spices and fertilizers.

They offer ample breathing space for packed grains and are available in a host of fascinating colors, designs and sizes.

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Valve sacks are used for the automated filling of powder, granular and loose fill products.
The versatile sacks can be used for industrial products such as cement, lime and adhesives as well as food products such as sugar, flour and animal feeds.

Valve sacks are available with a sewn or glued bottom and different valve types are available depending on the product being packed and the required closing technique.
All sacks are designed to provide the required amount of stacking, tear and rupture resistance, to meet the physical requirements of your supply chain.
High quality printed sacks allow you to use colour and graphics to promote your product or brand and achieve your marketing objectives.

Features of valve sacks

Capacity: 10 – 50 kilograms
Available with a sewn or glued bottom
Different valve types available
Cut edges can be stepped or straight
High quality printed up to four colours
Tear and rupture resistant
Different closure techniques

benefits of valve sacks

Increased production efficiencies over manually filled sacks
Environmental friendly – made from a renewable resource and 100% recyclable
Reduction in transit damage due to strength and stability of sacks
Improved shelf life of products, minimising any waste

ındustries of valve sacks

Valve sacks also known as valve bags are designed for high speed filling on spout packers and are usually used to hold granular products for fine powders such as cement, through to plastic polymers, crumb rubber and granular foodstuffs such as sugar.

types of valve sacks

Block Bottom Valve Sacks
Ultra-Tight Valve Sacks (for packing fluid like powders)
Quick-Pack Valve Sacks (for quick and easy packing)
High Strength Valve Sacks (for heavy handling)
Completely bespoke to your requirements



Sugar PP Woven Sacks

Manufacturing and exporting excellent quality of sugar bags using latest technology and high grade resources to our customers all over the globe. We produce pp woven sugar bags with an inner lining to protect the contents from leakage.

We work as per prevailing industrial standards that improve the quality of our sugar bags. We also customise sugar PP woven bags according to customer’s given specifications for size, thickness, etc. Printed sugar bags contain significant details like as name and logo of the company, price, quantity, manufacturing date, etc.

Chemical PP Woven Sacks

Chemicals are unstable, volatile, corrosive, and difficult to conserve. We design and manufacture chemical packaging bags keeping chemical properties in mind.

Our PP chemical woven bags are made of polypropylene, which are corrosion resistant, radiation resistant, and free of physical changes at -40-100 ℃. As a result, these polypropylene woven bags are very popular with customers in countries like Russia, Lithuania, France, and more.

Transparent PP Woven Bag

Our transparent PP woven bags not only enable the consumers to see over the packed products, but also help the sellers to better show their good products.

Transparent PP woven bags are an economical and popular means of packing food and others.
As they are mainly made of polypropylene, PP transparent woven bags corrosion resistant, UV resistant, and produce no physical change at -40-100 ℃.

We are manufacturer and supplier of highest quality grade polypropylene transparent bags, are available in attractive prices.

Fertilizer PP Woven BaG

Our fertilizer PP woven bags are acid, alkali resistant, moisture resistant, and leak free type of agricultural packaging plastic bags.
This, coupled with high quality and low price, makes our fertilizer polypropylene woven bags become increasingly popular with fertilizer suppliers worldwide.

Besides, we can also make polypropylene woven bags according to our customer’s requirements, for example: heat-cut or hemmed top, single or double stitch sewing and packing capacities of 20kg, 25kg,40kg, 50kg.

Flour PP Woven Bag

PP woven bags are the product of choice for packing flour with the advantages of light weight, high strength, moisture resistance, tear resistance, acid resistance, ease of packing and stacking.

We provide PP flour woven bags with a variety of packing capacities and extra protection moisture to our customers.
We strictly use food grade raw materials in our manufacturing process to produce various sizes flour bags. We manufacture customised PP woven flour bag as per client’s requirement.

Rice PP Woven Bag

Rice is the most important staple food for people in many parts of the world, especially in Asia, Latin America, etc. Generally, people can distinguish the varieties and grades of rice through its packing bags and carrying capacities.
Due to their diversified specifications and appearances, PP woven bags can also be used as wheat PP woven bags, corn PP woven bags, soy bean PP woven bags etc. in addition to rice PP woven bags.
We manufacture and export quality rice PP woven bags that are widely used to pack and store export quality rice and other allied products. Our wide range of PP woven rice bags are available in various sizes, colours, dimensions, design and customised patterns.