Our company strives to make eco-friendly decisions so we can make this planet a better, cleaner place.
We strive to contribute to the Global Sustainable Development Goals by ensuring:

A sustainable supply chain, including sustainable sourcing and production
The wellbeing of our people
Minimised impact on the environment
Sustainable packaging solutions and innovation


By 2023 our carbon footprint will have been reduced by %25


By 2023 the amount of waste generated in our Daily operations have been reduced by %40


By 2023 the amount of water used in our Daily operations will have been reduced by at least %10


By 2023 the energy use in our Daily operations will have been reduced by at least %10

Sustainability is an ongoing process.

To further improve the wellbeing of people, create a sustainable
supply chain, develop sustainable packaging solutions and minimise our impact on the environment,
“ATEA” Packaging has set itself 5-year goals.


Our big bags are made of Polypropylene raw material which is fully recyclable. Additionally, the carbon footprint of big bags in general is very good as the transportation of empty big bags requires only minimum space and big bags have a low weight of only a few kg which means that only a small amount of raw materials is needed compared to the filling weight.

Production wastes such as PP, PE are recovered in our in-house recycling facility for further use.